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canFly 300 Unbleached Disposable K-CUP Paper Filter for Keurig single serve coffer filters, Ekobrew, EZ-Cup and any other Reusable K-CUP Filters


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  • Compatible with EZ-Cup, EkoBrew, My K-Cup, Solofill, Simple Cups, Disposacups and all other reusable K-CUP filters
  • When using the Ekobrew reusable filter with your Keurig single-serve brewing system, try this paper filter for a sediment-free cup of your favorite coffee.
  • The paper filters are easy to use and a breeze to clean up. Simply insert filter, tuck filter under hinge, fill with coffee and brew! When you're finished, remove it from the machine, open it and toss it.
  • Make multiple cups in a row without needing to wash your Ekobrew reusable filter between uses. Save time, serve more.
  • Fully biodegradable and gentle on the planet. Get the coffee you want without harming anything or anyone.
  • Designed specifically for use with the Ekobrew reusable filter system. We suppose you could use it with other Keurig compatible reusable filters, but why would you!

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